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The 7 Day Education Marketing Consultancy Programme

The 7 Day Programme: £75

There are generally thought to be no fewer than 24 factors that can influence whether or not a specific advertisement will bring in the sales that you would like to see. With the 7 Day Consultancy Programme we look at your product or service, and your approach to advertising across all 24 factors, and produce a report which sets out all the things that we think you might consider changing or developing, in order to increase sales.


Below we set out some of the main areas that we consider in the consultancy report you receive when you take the 7 Day Consultancy Programme.

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A: Is there a demand, and if not, can one be created?

We consider what teachers’ attitudes are to what you sell, which type of schools buy, and how the advertising should be changed to accommodate the perceptions each type of school has.  In particular we look to see if advertising in different ways to different types of teachers and different types of schools can enhance sales


B: The competition

Knowing who your competitors are, and how they are advertising is always helpful so that your product or service can be advertised in a way that makes it appear the best value for money.  This does not mean cutting price, but rather evolving a way to promote the product or service in a way that resonates with the teachers or managers you want to reach to make your company the preferred option.


C: The medium and style of the advertising

Can alternatives to email advertising be developed effectively, and does your advertising differentiate your products and services from others?

D: Features and benefits
We look at whether the advertising separate benefits and features in a way that enhances sales, ensuring that teachers fully grasp the benefits they will get from using what you sell while stressing the features that the teachers particularly care about.

E: Making ordering simple

Is every possible approach to ordering being offered to ensure that no matter how the school or teachers wish to order, their approach is accommodated? 

F: Evidence of a need

We look at teacher attitudes towards the type of product or service you offer, and at the way of building your own private list of teachers or managers who are interested, but have not bought, so that you can remail these people regularly to persuade them to buy.

G: The web site and landing page
Does the web site flow directly from the advertising and lead to a sale or an enquiry or are teachers who go from the email to the web site, then not buy?   Can more readers be brought to the web site by using other means beyond emailing to drive them to your site.  Is the landing page doing its job in converting interest in an email, into a purchase.

H: Pricing and inducements and other products

Here we consider what impact pricing, inducements to purchase are having, and the way past purchasers or enquirers can be encouraged to buy again, buy more or recommend your company to others.


Once our report is presented, and following a consideration of each point in relation to your product, where we feel it could be helpful, a new advertisement is written for you to consider.  Telephone consultation is also available at no extra cost.

If you would like to go ahead with the 7 Day Marketing Consultancy Programme please call Steve on 01604 880 927 or email

The best way to find out more, if you are interested, is to email or call 01604 880 927. Alternatively, you can get in touch by using the Contact Form below.

our primary route to establishing contact with schools

We’ve used the email service for quite some time now and have always been satisfied with the results. As our primary route to establishing contact with schools, I believe it can’t be beaten.

Mike Ellis, Director, everyPage Limited

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