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One Off Email Campaign

From £35

Send us your advert and let us know when you would like the email to be sent and to whom.
Choose a list of contacts from our Education Database

Benefit from email tracking and analysis - see example, a dedicated case handler and consulting and advice

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This option is ideal for companies that want to undertake email marketing without committing to one of our marketing programmes, such as The Velocity Programme or the Four Emails' Campaign. It may also be helpful for if you want to do some testing, to see which adverts respond best to which contact types.


If this is something that you are looking to do then we would urge you to read the following article:

The one-off experiment: what to consider?

If you are looking to email contacts in a specific area or areas, let us know and we will work out a price based on your selection. This price will include a 'set up' fee of £15 for the additional data work that is involved.

If you are creating your own adverts for to despatch, these notes should help in relation to the formatting of the adverts. If you would like us to write your advert for you, we can do this for a competitive fee - find out more.

Email or call 01604 880 927 to get a free quote. Alternatively, you can get in touch by using the Contact Form below.

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