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Payment by Results

Commission-based - Limited spaces available

Email us with the details of the products that you would like us to market on your behalf. If there is a space available in the programme, we will email you to let you know how much commission we would be looking to make (typically 5-20%).

Benefit from a dedicated case handler and consulting and advice.

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If your company has only a limited - or indeed no - budget for advertising, and you are selling to the educational market, you might find Payment by Results to be helpful. Payment by Results is a “commission only” approach to advertising to schools which has a very simple approach laid out step by step.

First off, you need to email with details of the product or service on sale, how much you charge for it, and (if you have it) a link to a web page describing the product or a copy of an email that you have sent out advertising the product. We also need to know at this stage which teachers you think would be particularly interested – for example, secondary school history teachers, primary sports coordinators, or whatever. And we need to know how much you charge for each product.

Second, we’ll come back to you to let you know if we think we can advertise the product successfully and what commission we would require from each sale. Then, if you find that an attractive proposition there is a contract to sign (but absolutely nothing to pay) and you just provide us with an advert to send out. We will then start booking in regular email promotions for you.

If you are creating your own adverts for to despatch, these notes should help in relation to the formatting of the adverts. If you would like us to write your advert for you, we can do this for a competitive fee - find out more.

The orders come straight to you, and you report to us on how many items have been sold. We then issue you with an invoice at the end of the month for the commission, and that sum is payable one month later.

To summarise, if you have a product or service that sells to nursery, primary or secondary schools and you’d like to advertise through on the understanding that you just pay an agreed commission on each sale you get, then please email with the details of the product or service and the approximate value of each sale. If you would like to discuss it further, call 01604 880927.

we have dozens of new customers

I'm delighted with the results from our mailings - we have dozens of new customers, and are being seen by so many prospective customers that we couldn't reach on our own. The Payment by Results service means we only pay when the mailings are a success, so no unnecessary expenditure. I highly recommend them.

Mandy Riddington, Director, Istek UK Ltd

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