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Teachers and Strictly

In what way does Strictly Come Whatnot inform us of how we should write our adverts?

At the Toppled Bollard Dancing Emporium a woman asked me to dance last night.

After the dance she said, “Were you on Strictly Come Dancing?”

I smiled and shook my head. “No,” I said, “I was in Strictly Ballroom”.

“Was that on ITV?” she asked.

I said “No, it was a film, made in Australia. We had to dance upside down.”

“Oh” she said.

I think she was quite disappointed about me not being on ITV.

And the moral of that is, you can’t assume that everyone will understand what you are talking about. However, if you always go back to basics in each and every advert then you will alienate those who do know about your subject, for then what you say will appear too simplistic.

So, you need to judge what your readers already know, and what they want to know, and build from there.

Remember teachers generally consider themselves experts, so you need to dangle an idea in front of them at the start which at the very least makes them think, “I probably already know this, but I’ll glance through anyway.”

This is why I love headlines that are open questions such as “What is the most effective way of…?” They suggest there is good information below, and get even the most self-opinionated recipient to start reading.

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