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A dance of equals

Why selling to schools must always be a two way affair

A woman asked me to dance last night. She was unbelievably amazing.

After a moment she said, Why are you only doing simple moves with me? You don’t dance like this with other women.”

I said, “I am way out of my depth already. I feel like a fool”.

She said, “You’re too good a dancer to feel like a fool. You should see this dance for what it is.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“A dance of equals,” she said.

And that made me think of sales transactions. Encouraging a teacher to buy a product or service is not a one-way affair, because although we have to put across the benefits of what we sell, we also have to understand their perception of what is going on.

Without that we might make the occasional sale, but will never get regular purchases and the recommendations to other schools, that can make life so much easier.

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