The old rule

August 15, 2017

In direct marketing one should always grab the reader by the throat, and ensure he/she can't escape.


I recently visited the Toppled Bollard dance club (of which it has been said), and a woman asked me to dance.


She was, to put it mildly, utterly, amazingly, incredibly, amazing.


At the end of the dance I said to her, “That was staggeringly brilliant. I could dance with you forever. When we dance it is as if we are one, we are the same person.


You seem to be able to see exactly which move I am about to make before I even raise my hand. That was perfection.”


She looked at me for a long moment before replying, “Sorry what did you say? My friend was waving at me. Tell me again in a minute”.


Which reminded me of the old direct marketing rule: never get going until you’ve got attention.   Grab the reader by the throat, shake him or her around a bit, tighten your grip, and then start selling.


It seems to work for me.


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