Why you need to say

August 22, 2017

If you want to sell something to someone, you need to make them believe that you know.


As I may have mentioned, my hobby is dancing, and with the Toppled Bollard now reopened as a jive club, I am in my element.


And indeed, a woman asked me to dance last night.


As we danced she said, “You told my friend you worked with Fred Astaire.”


I said nothing and waited for her to continue.


At last she said, “I don’t think that’s right.”


I gave her a couple of quick twirls before replying. “You’ve found me out,” I said.


She looked straight at me. “Fred Astaire worked with Ginger Rogers,” she said, “And you’re not ginger.”


And the moral of the story is - with advertising someone is always going to misunderstand what you say.   Some respond by making their adverts dead simple, but that tends to make matters worse. 


Making the advert interesting is by far the most important part of advertising, and if someone misunderstands, that is compensated by the extra sales.


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