To be asked to dance

September 13, 2017


You can’t time all of the pleasure all of the people on a thursday


A woman asked me to dance last night.


After the dance she said, “You’re that weird guy who does those ‘a woman asked me to dance last night’ posts on aren’t you?.


I said, “yep that’s me.”


She said, “Doesn’t that make a lot of woman just walk away from you in disgust?”


I said, “Yep, sure does.”


She said, “Well why do you keep doing it?”


I said, “It also gets me a lot of dances.”


And my point is, that quirky adverts can annoy some people, and they might well let you know it.  They might even say that they would never buy anything from a company that has advertising this stupid.


On the other hand everyone will remember you, and some of them will be people who never bought from you before but will buy this time because the adverts are so odd.  


Tony Attwood

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