Can it get better?

November 1, 2017

Why trying something that no one has ever tried before can be extremely good for your sales.


A woman asked me to dance last night at the Toppled Bollard jive jollity.


At the end of the dance I said, “I feel sorry for all the other men who never get to dance with you.”


She said, “If they don’t dance they just don’t know how good it is.”


I replied, “Yes but they might dance with someone else and then not know how good it could be.”


She thanked me for the compliment, walked away, and asked another man to dance, and I thought, “How do I know just how good it could be?  Could it ever get any better than this?”


And that is really the same as advertising.  How do we know what the best response we might get from an advert is if we don’t keep trying more and more different and possibly unusual things?


If you want to try me on this, send me a copy of an advert you have written and I’ll have a go at coming up with a wholly different opening which you can try.  No charge - I just want you to promise either to say “No I didn’t try it” or “Yes I tried it and my response rate went up / down / didn’t change.”


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