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 Six Emails' Campaign

Send six emails to primary school contacts for £459   OR   Send six emails to secondary school contacts for £359295

Benefit from lower prices, enhanced guarantees, email tracking and analysis - see example, a dedicated case
handler and consulting and advice.

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The best way to find out more, if you are interested, is to email or call 01604 880 927. Alternatively, you can get in touch by using the Contact Form below.

This marketing programme is designed for companies that want their adverts to appear before teachers on a regular basis. Campaigns can start at any time, and you can, if you wish, run several of these campaigns together.

Although each advert only goes to one specific group of teachers, this does not have to be the same group each time.  So you might, for example, have one advert sent to the Head of Special Needs, the next to the Headteacher and so on.  Likewise the adverts can each be in relation to a different product or service.

These adverts will all be written and prepared by yourselves. Images can be included at an additional charge of £25 per image.

If you are creating your own adverts for to despatch, these notes should help in relation to the formatting of the adverts. If you would like us to write your advert for you, we can do this for a competitive fee - find out more.


Because of the particular low cost of these campaigns we only have a limited number of slots starting each month, so it is always worth booking sooner rather than later.

our primary route to establishing contact with schools

We’ve used the email service for quite some time now and have always been satisfied with the results. As our primary route to establishing contact with schools, I believe it can’t be beaten.

Mike Ellis, Director, everyPage Limited

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