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Surveys can produce very interesting results which can transform an advertising campaign

We can create a survey for you from £100.

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One of the great problems with selling to teachers is that the education system in the UK is changing at very high speed, and attitudes and approaches that were prevalent just a few years ago may no longer be dominant in the education system – learn more.

In such circumstances undertaking research, in the form of a survey, to see exactly what senior managers and teachers are thinking can be very helpful.

To undertake such research, one needs to offer each respondent something in return – at the very least a summary of the results of the survey.  If you can offer more, that is particularly beneficial – although a word of warning: offering a free entry into a prize draw, these days has little effect.

When respondents are offered something in return, surveys can produce very interesting results, the use of which can transform an advertising campaign – read case study.

Research of this nature is automatically included in The Velocity Programme but can also be arranged as part of a Four Emails’ Campaign, or indeed as a One-Off Email Campaign for an additional £100.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above with us, please do get in touch either by sending an email to or by calling 01604 880 927. Alternatively, you can use the Contact Form below.

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