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exceeding all our expectations

We came to with a difficult problem - how can we promote a complex and expensive product to schools that are under time and budgetary pressures.  Tony and the team helped formulate a strategy and tactical approach which drew upon the vast experience has in the sector and in helping novices like ourselves.  They have been creative and proactive throughout and delivered a successful campaign over 9 months which has evolved with our feedback. We are delighted to have secured over 70 scheduled trials of our 3D clay printing machine so far - exceeding all our expectations.

Mike Ellis, Director, everyPage Limited



That's the amount of money spent by schools each year.

What’s more it is an amount that will continue to rise for at least five more years for the simple reason that schools are funded according to the number of students attending.


all our


Bespoke Marketing Programme


Lets us know what you would like to do and we'll get back to you with a price.

►  Email tracking and analysis?
►  A dedicated case handler?
►  Consulting/advice?
►  Website review?

►  Access to a copywriter?



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We support the Child Mental Health Charter

It seeks the support of all who care about the emotional well-being and mental health of children;

all who interact with them in a parental, caring or professional capacity and policy-makers.

Click here to see the Charter and register as an early supporter.

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