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The perfume dilemma

Last week, at the Toppled Bollard Dance Club on the Rutland / Northants border, a woman asked me to dance. I said, “that’s gorgeous perfume you're wearing.”

She said, “It’s French. My firm flies it into Mexico, it is smuggled over the border into the USA, and then we drive it into Canada and export it to England.”

I said, “What’s the point? The UK and France are in the EU so there is no tax.”

She said, “We’re getting ready for Brexit in two years' time.”

Which just goes to show that people’s responses to plans and ideas are not always what one might expect in advance.

Just because an advert doesn’t bring in the hoped for sales doesn’t mean the product is wrong or the medium isn’t working. It can simply mean that one hasn’t yet fully understood the way the recipients are currently thinking about the issue.

Which is why, in turn, sometimes it is worth getting the view of a person outside the company who is also involved in this type of selling.

It’s a service we always offer and best of all, it’s free. Most of our customers do get the sales or enquiries they expect. But if you don’t, just tell us, and we’ll try to find out what is wrong and help put it right.

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