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The inescapable advert

There are some advertisements from which it is quite impossible to escape

At the Toppled Bollard nightclub and dance emporium a woman asked me to dance.

She was unbelievably amazing.

“You are incredible,” I said. “How you look just at this moment, how you move, how you turn, how you smile. I could dance with you forever."

“Don’t you ever want to be alone?” she asked.

“When this dance is over I shall be totally alone,” I replied.

“I could weep for you,” she said. “You could dance with anyone and all you want to do is dance with me."

“I have no escape,” I said, “now that I have danced with you.”

I thought of this today when asked to write an advert.

Some people when dancing just learn the moves. They go through the mechanics without emotion. Yes, they can dance, but at the same time they can’t actually “dance”.

Others put their heart and soul into dancing, and ultimately the dancers become as one, part of the dance.

With selling it is much the same. You can learn the basics and write the advert from a distance, thinking of your audience as totally separate from you.

Or you can become deeply and utterly entwined with the composition of the piece and with those to whom you are writing, so that you and your persuasion are all one.

When you do that, you are really creating an advert that people will want to read.

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