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The purpose of life

What is the point of all these things we do each day?

The purpose of each dance you dance, each song you sing, each book you read, each play you watch, each love letter you write (or perhaps that you wrote, if you write them no more) and most importantly, each word of praise you utter, is to feel things you have never felt before.

And that should be our aim in writing advertisements - to make our audience feel something that none of them has ever felt before.

Obviously what I specifically want to do is to make you feel interested, perhaps excited, maybe enthralled, possibly encouraged to read on… but above all I want you to feel SOMETHING.

Because without that emotional input I am not going to get you to buy.

One has to make the person feel something so that the reader of the advert has to be lifted up beyond the mundane everyday world into an existence of possibilities.

If we never achieve that, nothing happens, there are no new sales, life drifts on.

That is why my favourite opening to a novel is “A screaming comes across the sky”. It is how I want all my adverts to begin. “What is the point of all these things we do each day” isn’t as good as “A screaming…” but hopefully it got your attention.

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