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Text vs text and pictures

Too often a picture is inserted into an email because it “looks nice”, yet this nice looking picture can do more damage than good, not least because, according to psychology of perception, it detracts the eye from the text (which is hopefully your sales pitch). Thus, the notion that a picture is worth 1,000 words is only true if the picture is relevant.

If you do have a picture that you believe to be worth 1,000 words then adding it into the email is not a problem. We would however recommend that you position the picture in a way so it’s not sitting on the same line as any text, but rather above or below a paragraph. This is again to prevent the eye from detracting away from the text mid-sentence and thus, losing the readers’ attention. itself sells a number of its own products and services to schools (it is our way of ensuring that our systems can and do generate good incomes for our clients), and we have found the most successful way forward is for the most part via text only emails.

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