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The Five Rules that always bring better results when selling to schools

Over the past 15 years the team has been running a series of experiments which measure the effectiveness of thousands of email advertisements sent to teachers.

Normally, of course, when people undertake experiments with advertising campaigns the results are confidential to the retailer and its agency.

But uniquely we are able to release our findings because not only sends out advertisements for companies and agencies across the UK, but we also use the service to sell our own products and services to schools.

And it is the results of selling our own products and services that have allowed us to draw conclusions as to what makes one advertisement work while another does not, measuring everything from the way people interact with the emails to the visits to the website, and on to the number of sales.

This long-term research project is, we believe, unprecedented in terms of advertising to schools and has led us to establish a series of key factors which underpin virtually every successful school marketing campaign that we have seen - both in terms of those selling our own products and services and those of our customers.

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